Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Prayer to End Patriarchy in the Church

   Our Father who is in Heaven, to you alone who is worthy of our praise and adoration, forgive us of our sins and hear our prayer for the deliverance of your women, men, and children, from the destruction of complementarianism.

   Open eyes and remove darkness from hearts and minds concerning the slave-holding religion of patriarchy. Raise up a heavenly army to come against this wickedness, and let your light and your love come in to release your people from the error and oppression of male headship teaching.
   Help your people repent of hindering your gospel by closing the mouths of women. Grant them deliverance and repentance from aiding and abetting abusers in the name of role-religion.
   Set your people free to walk in your love and your liberty.
   We ask this in the name of your dear Son, Jesus. Amen